I International Open Championship
for Teams



LIAPE is organizing a tournament opened up by teams. If you want to play in a SEMI Team, please send me an email with your data (name, last name, nationality, Elo rating)


- 4 participants for each team, and an optional substitute.  
- Each team can be integrated with players of different nationality.  
- The team will have a name that can be that of the club, school or a name of fantasy.  
- Designate a Captain inside the team that will be the responsible one and the one in charge of communicating with the rest of the captains and with the Arbiter.  
- Is not obligatory that each member has address of own email. The 4 members can play with a single email address.  
- Can play clubs and schools and to arm several teams inside them.   
- Each player should play in a single team.  
- Name, last name and the players' nationality.  
- Address of each player's email, and the address in the case of being an alone one.   
- The participants' Elo.   
- Payroll of integral of the team indicating the order of the boards and who the captain of the team is. If they have a substitute player, to add the data of this.  
- Single 4 games for each board in the Preliminary Stage. Areas will be divided with 3 teams each one.
- It classifies the winner of each area and the best second position for the following phase, with a date that will be concerted with the winning teams, to facilitate the sure continuity of the tournament.   
- The winner of the final instance will obtain International Champion's for Teams of LIAPE title, with a special recognition in the page web of our league, passing directly to the final of the next championship. 

- A ranking of teams will be elaborated and it will be placed to the winning team in our gallery of champions.  

Angel Morano (Director of Tournaments of LIAPE)