Reflection Time in email games

Here I would like to speak about the reflection time and his rules since I think that there are a lot of players that have different  ideas on this matter. 

The Problem

Sent: 09/20/99
Received: 09/20/99
Replied: 09/21/99
Reflection time = 1 day

ICCF Tournaments Rules, para 2l, states:
“l) The normal accepted time of the email transmission is one day. If a longer transmission time is declared, it may be referred to the Controller for a ruling.”

So we can write:
sent 20
received 21
replied 21

even if the "real" received date is the 20th and this because the accepted time of the email transmission is one day.

There is also rule 6-D:
“The time used for each move is the difference in days between the date of reception of the opponent's latest move and the mailing date of the reply”.

So it's only 0 days, if I reply on the same day I receive.  

The problem is: have I to be honest about the date of receiving?

What happens if Player A sends move at 23.45 and Player B receives it at  23.55..... and Player A replies 10 minutes later (at 0.05)? 
The reflection time is 1 day or 0 days?



Me personally I don't care if I get the email late in the night or at the other day. I don't think that is the sense of emailing, because this would be like an online game. So, of course everyone wants you to be honest, but is it important to have 0 days or 1?
I suppose, most of the players have one day in general in such cases.
Usually I don't care about this, I prefer to play but I understand that, sometimes, there could be a lot of  misunderstandings.

I never did like the bit about transmission time because it is open to misinterpretation.
I believe the correct interpretation of the rules is that * playing time starts from the moment that the move is delivered to your mailbox *   (not the moment that you first download or read it) and  that - as a separate point - any transmission time longer than 1 day should be regarded as exceptional and should be reported to the TD. 
The big problem is that many players say that time therefore starts the day after a move is sent. 
The other point about the rules, generally, is that to cover this 'part-day' point ICCF Rules extended the time allowance to 40/10... an extra day per move.

So the point is that if the answer came in the day before - your time is one day as said in the rules - depends on when the move came in...

I asked an official comment to ASIGC (Associazione Scacchistica Italiana Giocatori per Corrispondenza):
“……. La data di ricezione di una mossa email è quella in cui il messaggio viene depositato nella mailbox del destinatario e non quella in cui il destinatario la legge”
(Verbale del Consiglio Direttivo del 23-24 ottobre 1999, punto 12, TeleScacco 2000, novembre 1999, pag. 301).

 In a few words the answer is:
- the mail is received when it arrives to the recipient's mail server. 

If player A send the move at 11.50 pm and it arrives at 11.55 pm to the recipient’s mail server and player B replies at 0.05 am  (after 10 minutes) the reflection time is 1 day.