Playing Guidelines for Team Match
SEMI-10 vs France Echecs-2


Match Officially Starts: May 2nd, 2001
Match Officially Ends: On or before May 1st, 2002

In this match we each play 2 games vs 1 team opponent.
SEMI will send the opening move to begin two chess games simultaneously, 1 game with white pieces plus 1 game with black pieces.
Important note:
If you are ready to reply in one game but need more time in the other game, send your moves separately. You do not have to send both moves on the same note. That is why EACH game has its OWN time controls.

Follow this format using your data.

[Event "T1001W: 2001 Club Champ"] ~ match 10-bd-white or black
[Site "SEMI-10 vs France Echecs-2"]
[Date "2001.05.02"] ~ start date: year/mm/dd
[White "Wwwwww, Wwww"] ~ white's last, and first name
[Black "Bbbbbb, Bbbbb"] ~ black's last, and first name
[Result "???"] ~ 1-0, or 1/2-1/2, or 0-1

For example, the first board will use:

[Event "T1001W: 2001 Club Champ"]
[Site "SEMI-10 vs France Echecs-2"]
[Date "2001.05.02"]
[White "Morin, Stéphane"]
[Black "Mauro, Lucio"]
[Result "???"]

here's what the 6-digit pairing number represents:
T means it is a Team pairing.
10 is the match number
01 is the board number.
w: means SEMI plays white; ( b: means SEMI plays black ).

Following this example, use this pgn header with your info.
Do one for each game name.

Below the pgn header, include all moves of
each game in algebraic notation. For example:

[Event "T1001W: 2001 Club Champ"]
[Site "SEMI-10 vs France Echecs-2"]
[Date "2001.05.02"]
[White "Wwwwww, Wwww"] 
[Black "Bbbbbb, Bbbbb"]
[Result "???"]

1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nc6 3.Qf3 Nd4 4.??

Include the required time controls for each game below the moves. Include the time controls for you and your opponent. 
Here is the easiest explanation:

Posted: May 2 ~ date opponent's note was postmarked
Rcv'd: May 3 ~ date you know 'unopened' note arrived
Ans'd: May 3 ~ date your reply will be postmarked
White's time: 0/1 ~ days white used on current / all moves
Black's time: 1/3 ~ days black used on current / all moves

[Event "T1001W: 2001 Club Champ"]
[Site "SEMI-10 vs France Echecs-2"]
[Date "2001.05.02"]
[White "Wwwwww, Wwww"] 
[Black "Bbbbbb, Bbbbb"]
[Result "???"]

1.e4 e5 2.Bc4 Nc6 3.Qf3 Nd4 4.??

Postmark: May 2nd
Received: May 2nd
Answered: May 3rd
White's time: 0/1
Black's time: 1/3

We recommend you chart total days used in case your game needs to be submited for time complaint.
For example:

rcv'd ans'd time mv white black rcv'd ans'd time
may-02 may-02 0/0 1. e4 e5 may-02 may-03 1/1
may-03 may-05 2/2 2. Bc4 Nc6 may-05 may-07 2/3
may-07 may-10 3/5 3. Qf3 Nd4 may-10 may-10 0/3

5. SPEED is 10/40:
This means we MUST reach move 10 within 40 used days from start of game; then reach move 20 within 80 total used days from start of game; 30/120; 40/160 etc. Unused days from one time control can be used in the next time control (like regular clocked chess).
For example:

If you used 2 days to reach move 10, you saved 38 days in the 1st time control; and now have 38 + 40 = 78 days that you can use in the 2nd time control to reach move 20.

You can use as many days as you want on each move ..
as long as you DON'T exceed 40 days to reach move 10;
as long as you DON'T exceed 80 days to reach move 20;
as long as you DON'T exceed 30 days on a specific move.

Please send a standard repeat on 5th, 10th and 14th day: If opponent's move is due, send a repeat on the 5th day.
Send another repeat on the 10th day, and think on the opponent's time. If opponent is still out 14 days, send a another repeat, and carbon copy both Team Captains.
SEMI Captain: 
Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi <>
France-Echecs Captain:
François-Xavier Priour <>

The TWO WAYS to exceed a time control are:
FAILURE to reach move 10 within 40 used days;
FAILURE to reach move 20 within 80 used days; etc
.. or ..
Using MORE THAN 40 days to reach move 10;
Using MORE THAN 80 days to reach move 20; etc.

If your opponent exceeds the time control in one or both
games, submit a time complaint to both Team Captains.
If necessary, add a time chart similar to above with
dates of sent repeats to support your time complaint.

8. 1st OVERSTEP:
If it is proven you exceeded a time limit, you'll receive a 1st caution and your clock will be reset to a new time control that starts from the overstepped move. 

If you only reached move 8 in 40 days, you exceeded the 10/40 time control. Your time control will be reset from 10/40 to 8/40; and you must now reach move 18 within 80 total used days. Your new time control becomes 8/40; 18/80; 28/120; 38/160 etc.
Two documented oversteps usually result in forfeiture.

Please note that it is mandatory to send a move within 30 days. If not you will forfeit the game.

If your opponent fails to reply within 30 days from the date he/she received your move, you will win that game by abandonment. Of course there are some excuses (other than anounced vacation) that the Arbiter will take into consideration.

If substitution is made BEFORE both players reach the 3rd move, both players begin NEW games. But if substitution is made AFTER both players reached the 3rd move, the already started games must continue!

12. MOVES IN CC (Control email address): <>
It is available an email address ( where you can send in Carbon Copy each move. It is not mandatory but I strongly recommend to use it. Please note that we will NOT read this messages until players will not request it. 
Do NOT Don't use this email address for any message to your Captain.

All final results should be sent in .pgn english format to:
Giorgio Ruggeri Laderchi <>
François-Xavier Priour <>